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Ongoing Due Process Violations by the Office of Medicaid Are Highlighted in the Affidavits of Dozens of Lawyers

May 30, 2018

In a Suffolk Superior Court case that I filed in January, 2018, which later was consolidated with a similar case filed Attorney Nicholas G. Kaltsas in March of 2018, we have attempted to stop ongoing due process violations by the Office of Medicaid, which is part of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. To show the Court that we are not alone in our concerns about what the agency has been doing for years, we asked for help from the elder law bar, and we thank the following persons (almost all of whom are Massachusetts lawyers) for the following affidavits, all of which have been filed with the Court.

Affidavit of Edward Adamsky

Affidavit of Matthew Albanese

Affidavit of Paula Almgren

Affidavit of Michael Baker

Affidavit of Carol Barton

Affidavit of Michelle Beneski

Affidavit of Rebecca Benson

Affidavit of Margot Birke

Affidavit of Jeffrey Bloom

Affidavit of Cynthia Bourget

Affidavit of Elaine Breslow

Affidavit of Lucy Budman

Affidavit of Joe Cataldo

Affidavit of Steve Cohen

Affidavit of Patrick Curley

Affidavit of Hyman Darling, Gina Barry and Todd Ratner

Affidavit of Nicholas Daviau

Affidavit of Kate Downes

Affidavit of Judy Flynn

Affidavit of Bob Ford

Affidavit of Andrew Gallant

Affidavit of Pam Greenfield

Second Affidavit of Pam Greenfield

Affidavit of Annette Hines

Affidavit of Karen Johnson

Affidavit of Ron Kearns

Affidavit of Carol Klyman

Affidavit of Stephanie Konarski

Affidavit of Tenney Lantz

Affidavit of Alexis Levitt

Affidavit of Holly Lewis

Affidavit of Tim Loff

Affidavit of Laura McDowell-May

Affidavit of Dennis McHugh

Affidavit of Alex Moschella

Affidavit of Tom Mullen

Affidavit of Phil Murphy

Affidavit of Kathy Nealon

Affidavit of Tim Nealon

Affidavit of Erin Shea

Affidavit of Paul Silvia

Affidavit of Fran Small

Affidavit of Susan Smith

Affidavit of William Stephan

Affidavit of Jane Sullivan

Second Affidavit of Jane Sullivan

Affidavit of Cathleen Summers

Affidavit of Ron Surabian

Affidavit of Dan Surprenant

Affidavit of Paul Thornhill

Affidavit of Laura Traiger

Affidavit of Stephanie Tymula

Affidavit of Mark Veglia

Affidavit of Kristina Vickstrom

Affidavit of Jackie Voss Lees

Affidavit of John Welch

Second Affidavit of John Welch

Affidavit of Mark Worthington

Affidavit of Vivian Youngberg

Affidavit of Liane Zeitz

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